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Diabetes Canada is actively advocating on behalf of people living with diabetes for the opportunity to achieve their highest quality of life. We encourage you to read our answers to some of the frequently asked questions about the rights of children and adults with diabetes and protect yourself from discrimination and unfair treatment.

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Support the Diabetes Charter for Canada

A vision where all people with diabetes live to their full potential. Support the Diabetes Charter for Canada.

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Self-Advocacy & Your Rights

Self-advocacy is about speaking up for yourself and helping to change the way people are treated or how something is done.

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Employment Discrimination & Your Rights

Discrimination can come in many forms. Many discriminatory practices or policies come from outdated ideas about diabetes.

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Driving & Your Rights

People with diabetes have the right to be assessed for a license to drive a motor vehicle on an individual basis.

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Self-Care in Public Places & Your Rights

People with diabetes must be allowed to do what is necessary to prevent or treat hypoglycemia and hyperglycemia.

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Insurance & Your Rights

People with diabetes should have the right to adequate insurance coverage of all types at a reasonable cost.

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Tax Credits & Your Rights

To reduce the burden of high medical and treatment costs, people with diabetes should be eligible for an enhanced tax credit.

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Diabetes Care in Institutional Settings & Your Rights

People with diabetes should receive care that promotes the highest quality of life regardless of the setting.

Diabetes medications, devices and supplies

Access to Medications, Devices and Supplies & Your Rights

People with diabetes should have timely access to medication, supplies and medical devices that can improve their immediate quality of life and decrease the likelihood of future interventions.

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Financial Assistance & Your Rights

There are a number of financial assistance programs to help offset some of the costs associated with diabetes care.

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Air Travel & Your Rights

Planning ahead is the key to a successful trip, and this is particularly true for people living with diabetes.

A health-care professional smiling with a young patient

Hospital Stays & Your Rights

In case of an emergency, make sure you know what to expect and be prepared with up-to-date information.

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Kids with Diabetes & Their Rights in School

Students living with diabetes have the right to be full and equal participants in school and all school-related activities without the fear of being excluded, stigmatized, or discriminated against.

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