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Message by the President

Distinguished members of the Saudi Diabetes Society,
It is a great honor to greet you, as the first President of the Saudi Diabetes Society, I sincerely wish you happiness and peace in your life and work. 

It has been 5 years since the establishment of the Saudi Diabetes Society. Back then, it has become a nationally serious disease. The number of diabetic patients in Saudi is predicted to double by 2050.

To be prepared for such a situation, we are committed to be working in diverse fields, such as medical care, basic research, nursing, nutrition, and social welfare, and to be actively engaged in diabetes research and treatment even at this moment. In addition, diabetic patients and their families gain diabetes information and participate in various activities through more close communication with the society. 

This year,2018, the Saudi Diabetes society, as a national leader in setting standards for diabetes research and treatment, will make a greater effort to free the kingdom from diabetes. To enhance our position at home and abroad, the Middle East Diabetes & Obesity Congress (MEDOC), which is held annually, is scheduled to be held this year, with several domestic and international experts participating.

For over 5 years since its foundation in 2013, the Saudi Diabetes Society has been making steady progress in various aspects, such as academic research on diabetes, patient treatment, and education. It would have been impossible without the efforts of all executives and members. The Saudi Diabetes Society has planned more active research activities and projects for this year as well, in return for your support. I would like to ask you for your continued interest and encouragement. 

Thank you.

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